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    Paints & Coatings
    JAC product range has been developed to offers a versatile portfolio that cover the specific demands of surface coatings and special effect architectural paints.

General purpose Styrene Acrylic emulsion copolymer for interior and exterior applications. It is specially designed for high PVC paints and when high scrub resistance is required. It is also suitable for producing texture coatings and specialty decorative putties.

Styrene Acrylic emulsion copolymer for exterior applications. It is specially used where elasticity and high adhesion are required to protect against tough weather conditions with high scrub ,water resistance and provides excellent protection against the UV light. It is also used for roof coating, texture paints and moisture barrier coatings and it is well suited to be used for making special putties for joints where elasticity is required.In addition it is compatible with cement for special applications.

Styrene Acrylic emulsion copolymer for exterior applications with low viscosity but higher binder concentration.It is similar to JAC-ST 390N in its properties and uses, but can provide better performance where higher elasticity , moisture barrier and protection against tough weathers are required.

Synthetic polymer that acts as an Ideal Sealer/Primer for interior and exterior porous surfaces such as cement, plastered walls and gypsum boards, to seal completely their pores. When it is used properly, it creates a smooth and uniform surface which provides a better adhesion to the substrate and the subsequent coats of paint.